Anja Garbarek

glitchy singer-songwriter // norwegian dream pop

Anja Garbarek, the daughter of the prolific Norwegian jazz saxophonist Jan Garbarek, as a child was surrounded by musicians but had no intention of doing something musical with her career. Instead, at 16 she went to drama college where her performance in a musical brought her to the attention of the Norwegian record industry and she was offered a deal. Anja Garbarek hates being predictable, for her songwriting has always begun with the lyrics and she is known for telling her own feelings reflecting dark stories put with comforting, hypnotic and sweet melodies. Her song “Sleep” from Briefly Shaking (2005) is based on the true story of a woman who was kidnapped and “The Last Trick” was written at a particularly dark moment. You’ll likely hear some Emiliana Torrini in Anja.

The sugar-sweet and the macabre.
Anja Garbarek – Sleep
Anja Garbarek – The Last Trick

Post contributed by Julija
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6 Responses to “Anja Garbarek”

  1. runman :

    Nice, you guys. First track, great sound. Second really did sound like Emiliana. (nothing wrong there)

  2. Jeremy :

    Also hear a big of Angela McCluskey in there. Also not a bad thing.

  3. Billie :


    I’d have written: “You’ll likely hear some Anja in Emiliana Torrini”.

    Oh, and I love your blog.

  4. Anonymous :

    Well said Billie!

  5. Anonymous :

    This time in english :p – nice contribution Julia. Intimate lyrics remind me of Amanda Rogers, but some of them are even…scary.

  6. Julija :

    Thanks. :) Yes, indeed, Briefly Shaking is the darkest of her records so far. If speaking of the dark, intimate, haunting lyrics I think it’s mostly comparable to Stina Nordenstam…