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“It’s surely the most poignant songwriting ever to be underscored by toy animals and kitchen utensils. The pleasure of listening to Psapp (pronounced sap) is how the two, Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, develop songs with beautiful melodies accompanied by a tasteful touch of found sounds. After their 2004 release on the amazing Leaf label, Psapp took off with appearances all over the net and landing the Grey’s Anatomy theme song. In May, they’ll be releasing their second LP, entitled Only Thing I Ever Wanted, a strong collection of tracks that sneak fun into great songwriting. While you wait for that record to drop, pick up Tiger, My Friend if you don’t already have it. You need it.
Songs with little noises poking out.

Psapp – The Words from Only Thing I Ever Wanted (2006)
Psapp – Tiger, My Friend from Tiger, My Friend (2004)
Psapp – About Fun (video) from Tiger, My Friend (2004)
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14 Responses to “Psapp”

  1. Jason :

    Hey Paul, Psapp sound like the child of “The Books” and Matthew Herbert and Greg Davis and “1 Mile North”. I love the click-hop, laptop-acoustic sound. It’s hard to achieve a human voice and touch with this kind of music, but these guys seem to have hit on something rich and personal.

    Thanks for posting a band I was totally ignorant of. That’s why I visit Aurgasm!

    Jason (formerly Blogalive…)

  2. Anonymous :

    Just wanted to second Jason’s comment. I’ve been lurking for a long time but I always appreciate your selections.

  3. Runman :

    I thought ‘The Words’ sounded just a tad demented, but ‘Tiger my Friend’ is a great track, love Galia’s voice. Good post Paul, as Jason above said, it’s why we come here.

  4. anthony :

    Paul- thanks for posting “Tiger my Friend”; it was the perfect soundtrack to 2006’s first spring rain.

  5. Lita :

    Indeed, it does very much sound like The Books, but with more Vocals.

  6. toshi :

    I just wanted to comment that I really enjoyed the video. The song wouldn’t have made much sense without it, either…

  7. Garrincha :

    Same here. I found the songs OK, but I loved the video.

  8. Alain :

    Very nice songs. “The Words” immediately made me think of Matthew Herbet and Dani Siciliano’s “Around the House” album (highly recommended BTW, house music with an experimental touch).

  9. Anonymous :

    the words is really great! but can you also get ‘cosy in a rocket’?

  10. Paul Irish :

    Glad you like it Anon. But, sorry, I don’t take requests.
    That song is on the Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack

  11. 4indie :

    PSAPP had their video premiere this week on mtvU”¬¶check it out:

  12. Kai :

    Are your links still working? I can’t download the songs. Cheers Paul!

  13. Sumod :

    Links are lost. Could you please repost the tracks?


  14. Paul Irish :

    reposted. enjoy.