Corinne Bailey Rae

female vocal // acoustic soul // downtempo

All I need is a sweet voice singing soul to convert me to from an overworked stressball to a free-breathing guy contentedly driving back home to his ‘regular’ life. And to that end, I thank you, Corinne Bailey Rae. She has emerged from an unknown status to be a hotly tipped solo female vocalist poised to be the next India.Arie. Her website aptly describes her tune ‘Like A Star’: “a slice of sublime Billie Holiday Blues delivered with a voice that pins you, in the softest but most persuasive of ways.” Delicious. Try ‘Enchantment’ if you want a little more Morcheeba-like motion.
A voice that floats effortlessly, full of caress and subtle quality.

Corinne Bailey Rae – Like A Star
Corinne Bailey Rae – Enchantment

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35 Responses to “Corinne Bailey Rae”

  1. Anonymous :

    she has amazing voice. i like it

    thanks,paul irish:)


  2. Kenji :

    excellent. remembers a lot esthero in her early days, etro anime and zazie. I simply loved this!

    thanks for sharing your musical knowledge with us!

  3. Paul Irish :

    Yes! That’s who she reminds me of.. Esthero! very nice.

  4. AK :

    I can’t wait for this album to drop domestically. I’ve got a a KCRW session she did and its been on repeat for a long time.

  5. Daisy :

    a voice “full of caress” – that’s it exactly!

  6. Jake :

    I think I’m in love with her voice – no, everything. This music is amazing!

  7. Runman :

    Superb, thanks Paul.

  8. Anonymous :

    I love your blog, thank you for all the work you put in it! :)

  9. Tim Young :

    I saw Corinne perform a beautiful acoustic version of this track on Jools Holland’s programme (here in the UK. I have to say that compared to that the studio version seems a little overdone .. pity!

    the face of today

  10. Esque :

    Astounding. Ms Rae voice gives just enough respite to make it through the years till the next Res or Esthero studio release. Her voice has just the right lilt to hit the perfect Gräfenberg spot between my cerebral cortex and my inner ear. I could muse on her sounds for nights on end. You never cease to amaze me with your tastes Paul.

  11. Anonymous :

    Two of my most played songs now. Thanks for bringing good music.

  12. Kit :

    Just found your website looking for infos about Corinne, loads of wonderful music here, I’ll be back :-)
    BTW have you seen this live mp3s already?

  13. Paul Irish :

    Kit, I sure have.. Before I posted these two tracks I had got that set, as well. Very strong set from such an unknown. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous :

    Amazing, thanks for the opitunity to listen, i’ve just heard ‘put your records on’, and think it would be great to post it here, its the best one of hers i’ve heard yet and i think others would enjoy such amazing songs too!

  15. Anonymous :

    I had no idea who Corinne was before I heard “Put Your Records On” on VH1 a few days ago…She has one of those incredible voices you never forget! Whenever I hear it, it feels like butterflies…
    Serbia & Montenegro

  16. Anonymous :

    wow I love her, I just heard put your records on like a week ago, and I saw the video, it has a great summer feeling to it, it reminds me of (one of my favorite artists) Nelly Furtado’s I’m like a bird

  17. Paul Irish :

    Peter tells me that “Like A Star” was featured on Grey’s Anatomy this evening.. That show’s music supervisors have such great taste.

  18. Anonymous :

    A million times thank you. I have been desperately searching for this single since hearing it last night on Grey’s Anatomy.

    This web site is a life saver.

    Thanks again.

  19. Anonymous :

    ARGH!! I fell in love with “Like a Star” after hearing it on Grey’s Anatomy,and I’ve been listening to it here since I have a 5 to 8 weeks wait to buy it from Now it’s gone:( sigh!

  20. Anonymous :

    I agree with the last comment. I had actually never heard of Corrine until I heard her on Grey’s Anatomy. I liked the song so much that I just had to find out who was singing it, I’ve been listening to it ever since.

  21. Mac Daddy :

    She’s blown up big in the UK as her single ‘Put the record on’ has gone in straight at no.2 ( kept off the top spot by madonna. The album is out this week ( should chart top 10 )and it’s gem, she’s a great talent and she comes from Leeds in trhe north of England.

    many thanks to Aurgasm for putting her my way.

  22. trickmcsneak :


    You could probably host this at as we’re British and not covered by the DMCA.

  23. Daisy :

    What a shame you’ve had to remove that track, I went straight to Amazon and bought the cd after hearing it here!

  24. neave :

    I’m from Saint Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean and I was introduced to her music by my girlfriend, and I must say it has been my best musical introduction so far. Her voice is just perfect!!
    I’m loving her music all so much and loving my lady soooo much more for her fine taste.

  25. Anonymous :

    She has a lovely voice and Put Your Records On is my favorite song of her’s.

  26. Cay :

    Hey all

    I Love Corinne

    omg! She has an amazing voice!!!!

    I love the song put your records on i heard it once and now im hooked.

    dont you think shes pretty i do.

    i am so buying her album


  27. orbital junkie :

    check out the song Till It Happens To You… it’s absolutely amazing

  28. Anonymous :

    Beautiful voice! She sounds just like Billie Holiday. I saw her video the other night. I can’t wait for the song “Put your records on” to be available on itunes US. Looking forward to more.

  29. Dee :


  30. Anonymous :

    hi my name is laura. i think that corinne bailey rae is the best singer that ive ever heard and the favourite song was put your records on but now its troble sleeping

  31. Anonymous :

    I heard Corinne Bailey Rae for the first time on a local Houston, Texas jazz statio, I’m an instant fan. Corinne’s music is so liberating it moves my soul, and grips my heart, I’m in love with that voice, superb!! She remind me of a younger hip version of Sade.

  32. Anonymous :

    Corinne’s music is like a breath of fresh air.

    She has a beautiful voice to match some beautiful songs. There aren’t too many songs these days with catchy MELODIES anymore. Now there is!!

    A wonderful debut. Go out and buy it.

  33. ash :

    go corrine i luv wat u do girl so keep doin your thing cos u will always hav a fan in me

  34. Anonymous :

    You can win an autographed Corinne Bailey Rae poster at!

    The contest is running 7/10-7/24

  35. mary :

    I just heard this girl and it knocked me out! What a great voice. I think we all are getting tired of the manic, demented and lurid videos on display of late. This girl was just singing and her voice is pure heaven. Lets just hope she keeps that image and doesn’t let them tart her up as they have done with so many others.