Antje Duvekot

singer-songwriter // acoustic folk

Acoustic starlet Antje Duvekot has been captivating the ears of East Coast audiences ever since she came over from Germany as a teenager. Why, precisely? The girl can write. She placed both 1st and 2nd in the prestigious John Lennon songwriting contest and was also a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition. Her song “Judas” first hit my own ears from local Boston radio station WERS. Part of the allure is making the religious familial (a la Christopher Moore), part is the unexpected lyrics, but the bulk of my attraction is the uplifting melodic lines that make listening such a joy. And before you go tell people about her, you’ll want to know the proper pronounciation: On-tyeh Doo-ve-kot.
Well-excuted songwriting: thoughtful, delicate, and sublime.

Antje Duvekot – Judas
Antje Duvekot – Dandelion
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14 Responses to “Antje Duvekot”

  1. Anonymous :


  2. DJMonsterMo :

    Omg, Judas is quite an impressive song. Thanks!

  3. Robbie :

    Antje is amazing, Paul. Her “Little Peppermints” album is a great listen. I love her awkward/charming stage presence. She’s very endearing.

  4. Dennis :

    Wow, what a voice. I think I will be making my first CDBaby purchase… Thanks Paul!

  5. Lita :

    Thank you =)

  6. Rodgrigo de Bivar :

    I can’t knock this song even though it is not something I’d listen to. So my opinion is not based on personal preferences. The lady is awesome, shes got a great voice and story to tell. However Im deleting it as its just not my thing, Im too neanderthalic to listen to it again.

  7. Anonymous :

    Dandilion evokes that one chick from 10,000 maniacs, a tiny tinge of barenaked ladies, good lyrics, she has a bright future

  8. Anonymous :

    Sweet. Takes a few minutes to relax into her voice. Like enjoying a chick flick.

  9. matt :

    Amazing. A new favorite.

    I’ll definitely play these on my radio show this week. And next week. And…

  10. Sally :

    Perfect voice. Perfect singer. Perfect web

  11. Nick :

    Ever since this was posted, I was racking my brain to find where I’d heard something just like this before. This week I got it: Dar Williams.
    Check it out, the musical resemblance is uncanny. Or maybe I’m just not meant to listen to folk.

  12. jerofejev :

    Very nice. Totally irrelevant info: her surname means Pigeoncote in Flemish dialect.

  13. mags :


  14. Anonymous :

    Just love the quality and fullness of her voice