Radio Citizen

vocal breaks // oily soul // slack dub

If reknowned jazzbreaksdancegroove über-DJ Quantic hands you a CD-R and tells you, “Have a listen, you might like this,” you’d be wise to heed his request. Luckily A&R at Ubiquity did, and now we have this fire track “The Hop” steaming off of the label’s newest compilation. Radio City is 27 year-old German Niko Schabel, a talented instrumentalist and music scholar. In “The Hop” he proves his ear’s precision– stirring the aural pot with musty vinyl samples, a laid back break, and a magical touch for pacing. Smokey vocalist Bajka (from jazz-house outfit Beanfield) adds some lyrical funk into the mix.
A bold but chill taste of tomorrow’s yesterday’s groove.

Radio City feat. Bajka – The Hop

Update (2007.01.03): Radio City has been renamed to Radio Citizen
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12 Responses to “Radio Citizen”

  1. Justin :

    damn that’s tasty

  2. Matthias :

    Great track! Even though this guy’s from Germany (like me), I’ve never heard of him. But I’m pretty sure we will hear from him in the future. Once again a quality song download on aurgasm!!! Thanks!

  3. Nick :

    this one definately had me nodding my head and tapping my feet.

    great cut!

  4. Adonis :

    Very, very nice. Chill beat, groovy vocals, I dig it.

  5. Sean :

    See…this is why I like you Paul Irish.

    There are only two sites with shit that hits me like this.

    One word: Quality.

  6. eliz. :

    Love it. The vocals remind me of someone, but I don’t know who yet. Maybe I’ll know after about a dozen more listens. Maybe Morcheeba + Lamb (vocalist-wise).

  7. Anonymous :

    Very nice indeed.

  8. Anonymous :

    she sounds like roisin murphy from moloko


  9. John :

    love that Radio City track – reminds me of the best of the Herbalizer.

    love your blog too – a parade of introductions to new music/artists/vibes

    I have a blog about movies where I post reviews/scabrous essays.

  10. soulchap :

    Great track. Where can I find this in print? Must have.

  11. Paul Irish :

    if you’re lookin for vinyl, try the $6 one here, or the full comp from Ubiquity

  12. Anonymous :

    CAN’T WAIT to hear a solo release from this gent. Thanks for posting this infectious track.