Beady Belle

nu jazz // norwegian soul

Beady Belle is a result of collaboration between vocalist Beate S. Lech and talented instrumentalist Marius Reksj√ł which began at the University of Oslo. Marius earlier worked with the Bobby Hughes Experience and joined Beate in developing an album for Jazzland Records, requested by nu-jazz godfather Bugge Wesseltoft. From Beady Belle’s newest album, Closer, is “Goldilocks” which gives me everything I want out of a nu-jazz tune in a fine smooth progression. I get vocals similar to Diana Krall, some organic clap and tambourine action popping in, and even a killer blues rhythm guitar break-out solo session.
Hot groove, sweet vocals, and an organ tickled with white gloves.

Beady Belle – Goldilocks
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4 Responses to “Beady Belle”

  1. liz :

    I totally sense a Jamiroquai vibe goin’ on, but I like the sultriness as opposed to the nasality of Jay Kay’s vocals. The storytelling in the beginning reminds me of the singer for Mum and Mice Parade, and I thought to myself: “Diana Krall?” But then the real vocal came in. This kind of jamming has to hit me in exactly the right mood.

  2. thebeathunters :

    great track. perfect vibe and prods.
    i really loved her first album, kinda overlooked her second one, definitely will check the new one asap. thanks 4sharin

  3. Daz :

    New to me, thanks for the tip. Gorgeous vocals and a nice vibe.Aurgasm does it again !!!

  4. Anonymous :

    I Feel a definite jamiraquai vibe too, Recently saw Beady Belle as a support for Jamie Cullum and they were great, i totally absorbing atmosphere to there groove. loved it. Never heard of them before but will be definitely purchasing an album or 2 now!