Jon Carter

funky house // french house

This isn’t what I wanted to post. I really wanted to give you the original song straight up. Alas, remixes are a dirty scene; and I can only provide you with an mp3 with transitions on either end. As far as I can tell, no single standalone exists. This is alright with me, this song deserves to have subservient songs on either end. A wide, fat slam-ass steamroller bassline flattens out the foundation of this song, while some hop-skip house action on top rounds out the funky-ass groove. This is straight off of a complilation put together by Les Rhythmes Digitales’s Jacques Lu Cont.
One of the funkiest songs picked by the current king of funk.

Mekon feat. Roxanne Shante – What’s Going On (Jon Carter Mix)
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6 Responses to “Jon Carter”

  1. Drakar[fr] :

    You should listen to the soulwax remix of this song, i don’t remember on wich as heard on radio soulwax part it is, but it’s a damn good remix…

  2. Anonymous :

    where can i get the Les Rhythmes Digitales mix this is taken from?

  3. Anonymous :

    It was for the short-lived REVOLUTION magazine. Check the extra info I have a 30min mix from LRD circa 1999 that was serviced out to college stations. Good stuff on there (Nitro Deluxe/New Order/Human League/Basement Jaxx)


  4. dj A :

    Ooooh yesss. Extra thanx for this baby!

  5. Anonymous :

    this track is featured in the Playstation2 game ‘Amplitude’
    and very good it is too..

  6. 20jazzfunkgreats :

    I’ll tell you a little secret, a friend of mine helped mekon out with all the keyboards on the album and i had to take him to the studio a few times.
    Mekon was a real nice guy.

    Always had a very softspot for the voice of miss Shante too (my fav female from the old skool) , so big love for this song.