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Despite being a significant fan of downtempo electronica, I have to admit it’s difficult for a downtempo track to “jump out” at you. I mean, the whole point is that they are chill and unobtrusive grooves. But when I was listening to one of CPI‘s choice mixes, this Mawglee track made me stop what I was doing, turn up the volume, and drown in the sound. Starting out with a slightly disorienting hollow hall sound, Mawglee soon drops the song’s killer wheelbarrow bass. Just as your head’s starting to nod, the song’s body is stripped out. When he hands it back with a subtle dulcimer trickle, you just gotta love him for it. (Hat tip: brother Scissorkick blogged this Brighton cat before, giving some love to his funkier side.) Mawglee’s got releases on Tru Thoughts and Bastardjazz. Click up.
Downtempo that’s dynamic in structure, but remarkably lucid.

Mawglee – Dreaming
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2 Responses to “Mawglee”

  1. Justin :

    Beautiful track. Downloaded it a while ago and only just now got around to checking it out. Doesn’t get much more chill, or much more smooth, than that. Reminds me a bit of Bows.

  2. Djouls : works??? It doesn’t for me…