micro-house // glitch blues

Akufen’s unique sound arises out of a dedication to keep his listeners’ ears on their toes. For his acclaimed 2002 album, My Way, Akufen used a technique he calls micro-sampling; he would record hours of AM/FM radio and splice together half-second samples of different songs and voices to make a pattern-work quilt of fierce house sound. And now, just last month, The Rip Off Artist, Freeform, and Akufen collaborated on Blu Tribunal, a record to explore the convergence of blues and electronica. The music that came out is something you’ve never quite heard.
We’ve got two differently similar sounds here. Pick door number one for fractured house, two for the blues on mescaline.

|1| Akufen – Deck The House
|2| Akufen – The World Wanna Know

4 Responses to “Akufen”

  1. deus|diabolus :

    If you like Akufen, be sure to also check out TODD EDWARDS. This New Jersey pioneer of garage-style house has established himself with a signature cut-up sound assembled from various jazzy sources…and that’s just his original material. When he does remixes, he dexterously weaves bits and pieces of the original recording into his snappy, sexy patchwork quilt, sometimes creating completely different lyrics in the process….

  2. avocado kid :

    this is cool

  3. Ben Silver :

    too bad his Fabric 17 mix was so bad!

  4. Paul Irish :

    Ben, you’re right. The Fabric series is doing a great job of covering lots of really diverse and great artists, but sometimes the quality of the compliation falters.
    I guess that raises the issue of promotion on mp3 blogs. For many of the artists I post, I know that they have much more quality music that I’m not sharing. Yet for other artists, I’m posting the best stuff and the remainder is just mediocre. I think I’d like to start making that distinction.
    Thanks for the comment, Ben. Keep orchardlounge rockin, just try not to plug yourself too much. :) Peace.