nu-skool breaks // hip hop // drum ‘n bass

Mind-stimulating dance music. ILS, aka Ilian Walker, was picked up by breakbeat godfather Adam Freeland after the promo Idiots Behind The Wheel hit Adam’s ears. The sound that he heard was something new: instead of an targeting the hard body-moving breaks and drum machine sounds of standard breakbeat, “ILS succeeded in bringing a deeper, jazzier, more intelligent flavour to the genre without losing its trademark punch.”[BBC Collective] The following tracks are off his latest release, Soul Trader.
This breakbeat’s got an organic, natural feel that gets your body and mind into the groove.

ILS – No Soul
ILS – Prohibition

One Response to “ILS”

  1. Anonymous :

    wow at first i was cynical ‘cuz of the “deepier, jazzier, flavor” but luckily i turns out that i should’ve embraced it. i think ILS makes it work ‘cuz he takes a more minimal approach than, say, Jazzanova or DJ Food (yuck).

    thnx aurgasm! this was a great find. pleasantly surprising.

    su |