Red Astaire

bossa soul // funky jazzy-ness

Ass grabbin’ bassline. Catchy catchy rhythm. First, a vocal sample jumps out at you; it’s caught and carried by a fresh little xylophone loop. The vocals come in and the sizzlin’ groove gets your feet movin across the floor. Just after the minute mark, the bass slides in and supports this hot track. Wait up for the hip hop interlude with Redman and Method, because it’ll set you alight.
It’s a modest little tune that gets an indelible hold on your dancin’ body. This track has got flava’. Drink it up.

Red Astaire – Follow Me

6 Responses to “Red Astaire”

  1. Sid :

    Thank you so much for posting this song! I stumbled across “Follow Me” a little less than a year ago, feel in love with it, and proceeded to scour the internet for anymore Red Astaire tracks. If memory serves, I think he also did a remix if an Erykah Badu track.

    Anyway, I absolutely love this mp3blog. Keep it up!.

  2. Anonymous :

    yeah, i agree. really great blog. almost anything u posted i like. keep pushin it man.

  3. Anonymous :

    is that a remix of D’Angelo? The vocals sound just like him.

  4. Paul Irish :

    You got it.
    D’Angelo’s “Left and Right” off of Voodoo.
    Great track on it’s own. Its hard to believe this is a rework, so damn different! I love ’em both

  5. Anonymous :

    This is the 2nd Red Astaire joint that I’ve gotten this year that’s fire. His remix of Sia’s Where I Belong was the first track I put on Time Wastin’ I believe.

    This one blows that one out of the water, though.


  6. aliccegorrrenz :


    My name is Alice, I`m from New York but live in Paris now. I love classic music