Nicole Simone

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18 Responses to “Nicole Simone”

  1. Carolina :

    i am in love

  2. Christophe :

    @Carolina : no, I fall in love first =)

  3. Brendan :

    Wow. Amazing. Excuse the cliche, but I think I just melted into a puddle.

  4. ronnie :

    Lovely music, minimal yet lots to hear.

  5. Theo :

    Fantastic. Wish she had a CD out, but for now she’s another to watch.

  6. Matt C-Roy :

    Sweet music for a sweet day. I’m intrigued.

  7. Kosta :

    I can’t believe how in love I am in right now. It’s like Hope Sandoval doing jazz noir. I love every song on her myspace also. Fantastic find!

  8. gigandmix :

    So good, thanks

  9. AndrewN :

    Reminds me a little bit of The Postmarks, but this is even more ‘personal’ sounding. Like she’s right here, singing just for me.

  10. alex :

    yeah|!!!! i want the lyrics of meltttt!! nowhere in the web….

  11. Sabina :

    She reminds me a lot of a sultry, female version of Bright Eyes. I absolutely love her sound.

  12. Mario :

    this voice…wonderful!

  13. Jason Hackwith :

    Smoky. Instrumentation works so well. Absolutely agree with Ronnie’s point about purposeful minimalism.

  14. Kouno :

    Very beautiful, very sexy. She somehow sounds adorable while solemn.

  15. Dylan :

    Great voice. Dark. Interesting. The trumpet sounds fantastic.

  16. Hannah :

    Oh lord, this is perfection in every way. The kind of music I didn’t know I was searching for until I heard it. So satisfying. A thousand thankyous, Kyle.

  17. sef-greco :

    You can read the lyrics of Melt in her site: and in youtube you can find see her video clip. She’s perfect. Thank you.

  18. LISA :

    I LOVE HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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