Marit Larsen

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  1. James :

    Very nice.
    Wow, what a great site! I just Stumbled here a little while ago and I’ve been looking around and listening. Definitely gotta bookmark this.
    Good job!

  2. bianca :

    thanks. great song

  3. jester :

    I highly recommend her cd The Chase. The music and her lryics are very refreshing. So much better than the mainstream crap ( i.e. the beyonces and taylor swifts of music)

  4. BCM :

    Very cool.
    Will be trying to find more of her music.

  5. Ilse :

    Wow! What an amazing song -what an amazing site! Thanks be to Stumble Upon

  6. Charlott :

    Her voice is very innocent. I love this! I agree w/ jester’s comment; this is the kind of song that should be popular.

  7. kasey :

    stumbled upon this and love it, very neat layout and cute songs. <3

  8. perivallon :

    I really like her voice.It is so innocent and childish.

  9. Lale :

    Funny. I’m from Austria and there she is absolutely mainstream and incredibly overplayed. ‘If a song could get me you’ was number 1 in the charts for ages. It gets really boring after a while…

  10. bekurov :

    Norwegians are always great! Comfortable and… super comfortable… Wish i were a fish…

  11. Thomas :

    same as Lale. :)

  12. Emutsag :

    Ok, so that’s three female singer-songwriters in a row… yawn.

  13. Sean :

    I agree, Norwegians always bring it.

    Check out Riff Raters in the iphone app store. It’s perfect for all muscic lovers

  14. Raina :

    She is wonderful! So glad I came across this site!

  15. Sofie Elise :

    wow, it makes me go happy to read this comments, just because i am from norway. So fun to explore this site and this is the first i see! :D

  16. Matt :

    Nice, but the pizzicato strings remind me of the incidental music that seems to have taken over every US TV show in the last few years.

  17. Rob :

    Extraordinarily beautiful voice and funky music. Great site deffo favorite; thank heaven for Stumbling

  18. Daniel :

    Sweet, Marit! : )

  19. Chrissy :

    I Love Marit <3
    Her first CD under the surface is also amazing!

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