Bersarin Quartett

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  1. Paul Irish :

    Thanks to Anthony at Hype Machine for this find, as well as hosting me in Vienna on my birthday. Best Viennese birthday ever! :D

  2. Mama :

    While you’re at it: you also HAVE to check out his main project “Jean-Michel” – genious geeky electronic bleep-pop:

  3. Nick Francis :

    This is fantastic, Paul. Thanks.

  4. Triz :

    In case anyone’s trying to find Bersarin for sale, here’s a link:

  5. Garymon :

    According to Lidar, here is the place for people in the US to get this CD. Price is $11.25.

  6. Linsel :

    Amazing clips. I think I’m gonna re-use this one. Amazing stuff. Great find!

  7. Omar Guerrero :

    Since I subscribed to your blog I discovered me loving ambient music. This is a good one.

  8. Songs :

    This is indeed something.. Simply an amazing clip. I have always been a musical person and this certainly adds some spice over my life.. thanks for sharing it to us.. really appreciated it.

  9. tclopetfan :

    this reminds me of cinematic orchestra meets bt’s “this binary universe”. thanks again paul for such AMAZING musical gems.

  10. Jacqueline Stolte :


  11. Birdy :

    This is absolutely outstanding!!!

  12. Mama :

    One more thing you should check out: Thomas is also doing something called the “30_seconds Project” where he and another artist exchange 30 second clips back and forth in ping-pong style and blend them together until they have half an hour. Those are also simply amazing:

  13. jam :

    wonderful – thanks for posting these pieces

    (and thanks Mama for the 30 sec link – intriguing project!)

  14. Jeff :

    I can feel a short film coming on. Thank you.

  15. Егор :

    А я так посмотрю, Вы как обычно немногословны ;)

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