The Juju Orchestra

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6 Responses to “The Juju Orchestra”

  1. Higgspox :

    Wonderful. As is Kitty Hoff two posts down. It’s such a shame I can’t buy either due to Amazon MP3 being limited to US customers.

  2. Charles C Stirk Jr :

    Brilliant track I am fascinated by the whole interoperation of Tango & Argentina music after a century …

    Flip down skin on the upper left is a nice touch buy the way ….

  3. Danjoua :

    The not tango is fine, but the bass melody is directly coming from Olé, John Coltrane, 1961.So a great thank you for the two bassmen: Reggie Workman and Art Davis, also for the © & ®

  4. Guuzbourg :

    Also try the Bahama Soul Club, a similar act from Germany

  5. Georg :

    Nicht schlecht, aber geklaut von John Coltrane (Olé).

  6. Krokus :

    Amazing! Retro, vintage, soul and funky.. all in one!

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