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6 Responses to “DobaCaracol”

  1. k :

    Nice music from these Quebec duo! Thanks for broadening my musical horizons!

  2. tobbilla78 :

    Fantastic music from these duo because they can sign song in any language.

  3. Jim :

    I can’t help but feel like the caliber of these recommnedations are sharply declining. I just want to cast in a vote for more (ideally only) Paul Irish posts.

  4. smarties :

    Sadly, they recently announced that they are splitting :-(

  5. Noe :

    Their vocal sound reminds me of Les Nubians, sans the soul/funk.

  6. JAXOM :

    hey dobacaracol i am doing a project about france and i was wondering if i could use u as a french bandplz

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