Hey DJ Friday: Summer Selections

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5 Responses to “Hey DJ Friday: Summer Selections”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Thx, Brendan! (Flevans)

  2. Blonde on Blonde :

    I love putting together mixes, any kind. Although lately I have been into one band in particular because there new CD is so amazing. The Lovemakers did an incredible new job on their new CD, and their new single Whine and Dine is addicting. Check them out at http://WWW.FUZZ.COM

  3. beatmaster23 :

    you can never go wrong with groove armada, be it for a chill out track or for a dancey one!!!

  4. Charlie :

    Sick, looking forward to the full mix…

    I’ve been really digging the Propellerheads lately, esp. “Oh Yeah”. A perfect song for hot summer late nights

  5. dangr_grrl :


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