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6 Responses to “5’nizza”

  1. Kenji :

    this is so cool ;-)

  2. Anonymous :

    Gotta buy this cd, I love it…I look forward to hearing more!
    Kjara Agency

  3. Gigantor :

    Thanks so much for this, I really liked it!!

  4. fnoll :

    if you like 5’nizza, I recommend also solo album of Sergei Babkin, who is half of the 5’nizza duo – it’s more like Tom Waits from Ukraine :)

  5. ANDROID :

    I love what im hearing and the fact i dont understand it makes it sooooooo much sicker!

  6. RJ :

    i’m bummed to learn they split up! i’m gonna be in kiev april 20 for a week. woulda been nice to check out.

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