A World Remixed

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  1. Eli :

    I knew you would post Ojos de Brujo eventually! but this really isn’t the best song of theirs that I’ve heard, by far. Is it kosher if I put up a song somewhere and link to it here in the comments?

  2. Paul Irish :

    Sure that sounds fine, Eli. I’d suggest zshare unless you have your own hosting..

  3. Paul Irish :

    make that zshare.

  4. Eli :

    Here you go, everybody.
    Paul you probably already have this because I think I emailed it to you like 6 months ago.

  5. Kenji :

    then, after Ojos del Brujo (excellent band, specially the “rumba dub style” song), you should check Macaco, a spanish band with the same vocal. “Tio Pedrito” is specially funny ;-)

  6. El Vikingo Holandes :

    Macaco! Cool, someone else knows it :)

    I came across it some months ago, and annoyed I hadn’t done so before. Great music, a happy style and just plain fun. Ojos De Brujo I have seen live, but they get on my nerves eventually. Quickly an overdose is reached.

    Will leave for Granada tomorrow and hope to catch up on some fusion/flamenco/indie/local stuff there, as a local venue is just downstairs from where I’m staying. Should get interesting!

  7. Eli :

    I miss Granada. The music scene there was unbelievable. It was a few years ago so I can’t give you specifics but I remember a kind of lookout point near a fountain at the top of a big hill where you could see La Alhambra dead on and these old and young guys used to come play flamenco every night, practically. They’d just sit on the wall, strum their guitars, and belt out the rawest and realest music I’ve ever heard.

  8. @leph :

    Cool mix from Rosco for this Nortec tune. I kinda like them, in fact this collective comes from Tijuana Mexico, and they’ve done some interesting stuff recently, most of all it’s cool how they mix several regional styles (banda, norteño) into one unique sound.

  9. Moka :

    Yeah, the nortec collective are from tijuana. I’ve seen them live and they sound better live than on record.

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