The Court & Spark

alt-folk // country space rock

The time of 60’s folk-revival shamanism may be long past, but its embodying awe of life in untapped American places carries on in the wise, mellow songs of The Court & Spark. The titular homage to Joni Mitchell speaks for itself, bringing to mind mature melodic landscapes lush with histories both cloaked and unraveled. Among the eclectic collection populating Absolutely Kosher Records, this band is by far the most creative; their mix-and-match combo of gently accented vocals, bells, tape noises, horns, slide guitar, and everything inbetween sure sounds great on balmy summer evenings.

Vocals like buttermilk biscuits.
The Court and Spark – Suffolk Down Upon the Night
The Court and Spark – Your Mother Was the Lightning

Post contributed by Natalia
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4 Responses to “The Court & Spark”

  1. Anonymous :

    A very pitchfork-ish sounding review. I love the site.

  2. floodwatch :

    I’ve always been a fan of their earlier stuff, namely Bless You, a great front-porch, late-summer evening record. Based on these two tracks, I may have to check out their newer material – thanks!

  3. Jason :

    I can’t help but make the inevitable Herbert comparison, especially since producing, it’s got his “sound” all over it. This reminds me of a Girl Bros. or even a Prince protege release. Her voice is smart and smooth. Nice for a cloudy day or long evening, and a competently jazzy without trying too hard. Is the rest of the album this nice? Thanks Paul!

    (Who’s the DJ during “Come As You Are?”)

  4. Bryan Begun :

    I love the song “Your Mother was the Lightning”. I keep listening to it over and over–I would like to know more about the band and the song itself. Also, this website is fantastic.