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    Interesting, thanks

    Just started my own music blog

    Please come and see it, and maybe share some ideas!


  2. Newsless :

    If you like Helena you can listen to her last project with frederico Pellegrini, Bang !. http://myspace.com/dillingergirlandbabyfacenelson

  3. Julija :

    I like this project a lot and I’ll just add this link with a few live mp3’s:

  4. Guuzbourg :

    Helena guest-stars on a lot of other albums, by Doriand, Ollano, Mary L, Katerine and Projet: Bikini. If somebody has that Projet:Bikini album, pleasepleaseplease let me know!!
    Btw: you know Helena’s the sister of Lio, right?

  5. Julija :

    And Dimitri from Paris to add to the list. :) Hm, no, I didn’t really know about Lio. Merci. Speaking of Projet: Bikini, I’ve only heard Minimum and seen the video, voila:

  6. Guuzbourg :

    Well, I have Projet:Bikini now. Will post tracks some time next week. But first: charlotte!

  7. Laety :

    I have been waiting for you to discover her! She’s one of my favourite french artists. I have all 3 of her albums, and her collaboration with Ollano–you should check out ‘Latitudes’ and ‘partir revinir’, it’s french trip hop. My favourite cd of Helena is Projet:Bikini

  8. Anonymous :

    Beautiful songs!

  9. Lola :

    Is it normal that all old post mp3 previews aren’t working?
    If so, it’s a real shame… :(

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