acoustic soul // downtempo blues

Just like you wouldn’t expect soul crooner Jamie Lidell on the Warp label, Fink is a peculiar addition to the Ninja Tune family. While the label is known for their dynamic electronica with hip hop and funk infused, Fink embodies the simplicity of a man sitting on a milkcrate strumming his guitar. “All Cried Out” trots at a medium pace, a steady guitar strum underneath Fink’s addictive melodies. Influenced by the harmonies of D’angelo and India Arie, he crafts vocal lines that snare you and basslines that seduce you. “Biscuits”, a proper song for an Englishman, has a bit more atmospheric accoutrements, but accomplishes just the same.

Combine: John Martyn + Jehro + D’Angelo + Jack Johnson + Zero 7. Blend and chill.
Fink – All Cried Out
Fink – Biscuits (track 10 on the Aurgasm Summer Soundtrack)
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13 Responses to “Fink”

  1. K. :

    hey paul thanks for stopping by. i need to add you to my blogroll you have great stuff here. i love this fink record great stuff.

  2. Triz :

    Wow. Really wow. I don’t think I could describe it with words, but that All Cried Out track is just delicious. Can’t stop playing it. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous :

    first of all, i love all the frequent posts! secondly, i really like fink and have been checking out some of his other tracks and albums now. thanks for the lead!

  4. Jens :

    Strange. Many Folks in Germany know Fink as a german Indie-Group:
    It´s a bird it´s called “finch” in your language. But there seems to be another Finkbirg out there ;) Perhaps they should tour together.

  5. Paul Irish :

    Hah. Yes it looks like there’s two.

  6. Damien :

    Saw Fink perform on the weekend at the Greenman festival in Wales – pretty damn good for a DJ turned alt.folk strummy guitar act! Cover of All Cried Out works really well.

  7. Jens :

    Yes, seems to be a lot of FINK out there…

  8. Leon :

    Really great stuff. The slide and general feel reminds me of Mofro, who I love.

  9. runman :

    Brilliant album, a highlight for me. Another release by Fink in 2000 called ‘Fresh Produce’ may explain the connection with Ninja Tunes, it is completely different, chilled electronic style. Both great albums, but nothing alike.

  10. Leon :

    Well, I bought the album (yet another purchase because of Aurgasm :) ) and it’s fantastic. Highly recommended to all.

  11. Penny Woods :

    Love the blog–just put it on my blogrolls.

    I was turned off by Fink when I heard some songs from his new album–I liked the sounds of Fresh Produce and his “We Are Ninja” better than his new stuff. But thanks to your blog, I’m reconsidering him.

  12. James :

    Just want to second Jens’ comment — the German indie band “Fink” has been around a long time. IMHO, their music is much more interesting than the “new” Fink. Check out their songs Neuer Anzug, Kleines grünes Haus, Dies für Dich, or Messerkampf (“knife-fight” in English) for a sample of the wide range of music they make. Really great stuff that almost nobody outside of Germany has heard, I guess.

  13. Bushwick is Beautiful :

    biscuits war sehr geil ja!