Ane Brun

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  1. Tonamel :

    The first link is broken, it should be

    Good stuff, as always!

  2. Paul Irish :

    I think I fixed it about the same time you posted your comment. Hah. :)
    Thank you sir!

  3. Willy :

    Yah! Go Ane! Check out the beautiful “This Voice” track also. Great sound.

    And the newest album, “Duets” is also awesome.

  4. ylime :

    simple purity. i love that music is starting to return to reality and to talent with soulful singers and actual songwriters making it back to the charts.

  5. Duke of Straw :

    thanks for the ane. she is sublime and beautiful.

    The Duke

  6. runman :

    Wow…that was a treat…thanks again.

  7. Hannes :

    I didn’t know her – what a shame!

  8. Leon :

    Gorgeous voice. I’m not usually a fan of the female voice but since being a part of this site I’ve discovered Imogen Heap, Claire Sproule and now Ane – thanks Aurgasm :)

  9. BreakThru Radio :

    […] enough.Originally from Norway but living in Sweden, Ane has been called the Swedish Dolly Parton, "a less quirky Ani DiFranco," and I would say she's even more of a high-pitched Tracey Chapman, but why equate her to American […]

  10. Kyle :

    her Live in Scandinavia album is one of my all-time favs

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