Reflex Reaction: The World in Autumn

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  1. Séverine :

    Postal workers Ghana:
    Brilliant…. Oh man, I’m so white!!! :-[

    Hmmm, rumba… AAAHHH cheezy drums!!!??? WHY!?? Oh but wait, it gets better, that cheez grows on ya… Like mold!

    Tom Vek:
    Such raw mix… I kinda like the… Never mind, I don’t actually cotton on it.

  2. Brain :

    Gives positive spin to the phrase “going postal.” America take note.

  3. lonomatopeur :

    Postal Workers Canceling Stamps At The University Of Ghana Post Office
    >>>Amazing song, nice…

    Quantic & Nickodemus – Mi Swing Es Tropical
    >>>Im’ crazy about quantic from trough out records in Brixton. Mmmmhhh perfect!!

    Tom Vek – C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) >>>the bass like red hot…No?

    Thanks for all of this song
    and sorry for my english.

  4. jen :

    pwcs – whistling that doesn’t remind me of bobby mcferrin. holy yay.

    quantic – it’s good background music. i’d report the weather with it.

    tom – i’ll admit to turning this song off after ten seconds.

  5. Dr Doom :

    What a joy with the Postal workers. Where did you find that?
    Q &N- nice & snappy

    sorry, Tom, I,too, turned it off.

  6. Leon :

    Repetitive, lightweight military-scout anthem, hand-driven by whistling oddities.

    No comment

    ClassiC-eleCtroniC Carrying Creator’s Chords aCross Chasms, ColleCting Crucial CritiCism.

  7. MT :

    postal – what the child peter gabriel heard before finding a synthesizer

    quantic – to enjoy: consume high gravity beer and don’t really listen

    vek –
    at least with talent i wouldn’t mind you stealing Beck

  8. Matthias :

    1) Nice whistling tune dug up from where exactly?

    2) Feel good hit of the winter ;O)

    3) Catchier than I’d like to admit, actually.

  9. skyreiter :

    D’ya think American postal workers would ever?…nah!

  10. matt :

    Tom Vek:

    is that an aphex twin scream at the very end?

  11. courvidae :

    Postal Workers:
    First heard this in ethnolomusicology class; still unbelievably creative and energizing.

  12. Anonymous :

    Postal Workers Canceling Stamps At The University Of Ghana Post Office- great beat and just overall an amazing endeavor into the simplistic beats of the world

  13. Keith D :

    Quantic & Nicodemus:
    Soundtrack to a Wes Anderson film about eccentric american expats in Central America

  14. toshi :

    Postal workers:

    This track is dripping imagery of khaki hats and sunshine on the savannah…

  15. technoprayer :

    #1 – what you get leaving musicians waiting for their omlettes at 3 in the morning.

    #2 – if archie bell and the drells woulda had latin fever.

    #3 – today is report card day: tom vec, you get a c-c.

  16. Moka :

    Postal workers – I’d love to get my stamp cancelled by these guys.

    Tom Vek – C-C means yes-yes in Spanish, this makes the song funny enough for me.

  17. Anonymous :

    Anyone have clue as to where I can DL the Quantic Nickodemus joint. Its perfect for this latin thing I’m doing. I prefer to pay for it but am willing to have it emailed to me illegally (shhh). I hate that I can’t open it after I DL it. Help.

  18. Mac Daddy :

    if only John Peel were still alive he’d play it!

  19. Mac Daddy :

    Quantic great track congolese mixed with salsa perhaps and a great funky latin stew to groove to.

    can’t download it, try a rightmouse click after the song has loaded.

  20. Dr Doom :

    I posted earlier and I also sent it along to a friend whose husband is Ghanain. Her comments-
    I loved the postal workers recording! I sent it on to the members of my
    family and a few friends Ben was really pleased by it too. He said he
    remembers seeing the postal workers doing this in another city, Oda. He said
    the post office gave training in the cancelling to do it that way. And the
    post office hired a drummer to accompany them. You can hear the drum briefly
    in the clip you sent.

  21. Anonymous :

    I figured it out you succcckkkkaaaas!!!

  22. gravey :

    postal: made me want to bang on the drums
    quantic : fab catchy tune
    tom: turned off

    enjoy many of your selections

  23. Anonymous :

    The postal workers remind me of Cecillia by Simon & Garfunkle. I suppose I must be the whitest man on the planet. Love it though. -DV

  24. mylime :

    1. Though titled as “discovered sound” sounds less improvisational than advertised. Still fantastic, cheery and pure. very Radio Phnom Penh.

    2. how can you Not dance to that??

    3. sloppy intrusion of sound over uninspired lyrics.

  25. Anonymous :

    i’m sure if i asked him, tom vek wouldn’t deny the fact that he “borrowed” generously from other bands and DJs in C-C; and i’m ok with that.

  26. Anonymous :

    if youignore the music, this song’s pretty good.

  27. Moka :

    Mmm…I just watched the Tom Vek video and I loved it, don’t care that much about the song but the video has muppets on it (WMV):

  28. Anonymous :

    Quantic:- Top stuff, more reminiscent of his work as QSO

    Tom Vek:- some friends have been to see him live and said he was quality, have heard this tune before but didn’t realise it was him, I definitely rate it

  29. Reggie :

    Quantic & Nickodemus – Mi Swing Es Tropical

    Beautiful!!!! When I first heard this song memories of Fania during the 70s quickly popped up. This is a instant classic!!!!

  30. Anonymous :

    Mi Swing Es Tropical (2005)
    LOveeee the song, it’s probably the best cm song ipod has ever picked!!
    summer song runner up #1

  31. Rica :

    Mi Swin Es Tropical –
    I love it. It is made for dancing and enjoying. Drinks or no drinks. you just have to let the mood and the sounds move you. But then I’m part Cuban so I guess I have an affinity for it.

  32. Anonymous :

    Love it!

  33. Anonymous :

    nice song

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