Antje Duvekot

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  1. Anonymous :


  2. DJMonsterMo :

    Omg, Judas is quite an impressive song. Thanks!

  3. Robbie :

    Antje is amazing, Paul. Her “Little Peppermints” album is a great listen. I love her awkward/charming stage presence. She’s very endearing.

  4. Dennis :

    Wow, what a voice. I think I will be making my first CDBaby purchase… Thanks Paul!

  5. Lita :

    Thank you =)

  6. Rodgrigo de Bivar :

    I can’t knock this song even though it is not something I’d listen to. So my opinion is not based on personal preferences. The lady is awesome, shes got a great voice and story to tell. However Im deleting it as its just not my thing, Im too neanderthalic to listen to it again.

  7. Anonymous :

    Dandilion evokes that one chick from 10,000 maniacs, a tiny tinge of barenaked ladies, good lyrics, she has a bright future

  8. Anonymous :

    Sweet. Takes a few minutes to relax into her voice. Like enjoying a chick flick.

  9. matt :

    Amazing. A new favorite.

    I’ll definitely play these on my radio show this week. And next week. And…

  10. Sally :

    Perfect voice. Perfect singer. Perfect web

  11. Nick :

    Ever since this was posted, I was racking my brain to find where I’d heard something just like this before. This week I got it: Dar Williams.
    Check it out, the musical resemblance is uncanny. Or maybe I’m just not meant to listen to folk.

  12. jerofejev :

    Very nice. Totally irrelevant info: her surname means Pigeoncote in Flemish dialect.

  13. mags :


  14. Anonymous :

    Just love the quality and fullness of her voice

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