Reflex Reaction: Halloween

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  1. Roomate #2 :

    zombies arent that fun, they want to eat brain matter

  2. The Red Hot Jazz Archive :

    I played them all once and quickly deleted them all.

  3. welfy :

    YOU PEOPLE are like the only people I have ever known who actually knew of Barbarito Torres. I bought that cd back in high school and fell in love with it. Very haunting.

  4. Séverine :

    Midnight Marauders: Starts chilled, appreciate good musicians while wanting them to stop emulating Extreme meets Seal!!!

    Zombie: Cool beats… Still, are they going to jump on me? I’m scared! And it’s only part 1? AAAAHH

    Autumn Leaves: Got violins? (let me throw up for a second…)

    Torres: Ahhh, finally something good! If only I would practice my spanish I could even understand what they say…

    Hey by the way, loved Hanne Hukkelberg! thanks for the tips, you rock!!!!

  5. Aarika :

    Joe Dukie and DJ Fitchie: It sounds suspiciously like the kind of music I used to play on the recorder in sixth grade.

    Coldcut: Enya Megamix Plus.

    Barbarito Torres: Why can’t I dance like they do in La Bamba? This song would make sense if I could dance like THAT.

  6. Garrincha :

    the Midnight Marauders track did it : I’m now in an excellent mood and I’m cleaning my place while dancing & humming at the same time …

  7. Anonymous :

    Coldcut is a murder.

  8. David R. :

    Bugz: Frenetic Fela update – the master would be proud. Broken grooves for broken politics.

    Midnight Marauders: Love the intro horns. Great crooners, solid groove. No complaints here.

  9. Captain Planet :

    Joe Dukie- Rising from the “Dust”, vocal soul soars inna dub stylee.

    Wunmi- Future Funk dancefloor filler, digital syncopation to make Fela proud.

    Coldcut- This cut is cold, surprising letdown from Mr. Beats himself.

    Barbarito- little bit cheesy for my tastes, but gotta respect legends.

  10. Moka :

    Joe Dukie – Vocals are awful but music makes fine “calaca” movement.
    Wunmi – This is scarier than the monster bash.
    Coldcut – Electronical trees are cheesier than we thought.
    Barbarito – The tastiest pumpkin harvest song I’ve ever heard.

  11. Katie :

    Joe Dukie and DJ Fitchie: Hypnotic arpeggios, wearily seductive vocals – maybe they should be the 10pm marauders (12).

    Bugz in the Attic f. Wunmi: Most upbeat zombies I’ve ever heard. Great but could use some spooky tips from Jacko (15).

    Coldcut: Other-wordly if your other world is sleep. Surprisingly good to code to (13).

    Barbarito: Rolled R’s and Spanish guitars, move your feet, ha cha! (10 – huzzah!)

  12. Ian Shaughnessy :

    “Midnight Mauraders” – Fucking fantastic. Opens with the ephemeral warmth of Norweigen pop, the raggae beat drops in, and a smile appears on my face.

    “Zombie” – Like when Joe samples Pharcyde’s “Passing me by” in his craptacular “Stutter”. Femi: show these children how it is done.

    “Autumn Leaves” – I think I’d enjoy it alot more if I was stoned out of my gourd. I haven’t felt Coldcut since Atomic Moog 2000.

    “La Calabaza” – Barbitos Torres, always a good choice.

  13. Satisfied '75 :

    zen. smackdab. elated. floating. mephistoples. viola frenzy.

  14. Anonymous :

    I love Midnight Marauders. Best mp3s I’ve found on this site since Rocky Marsiano.

  15. Hannah :

    You seem unfamiliar – Joe Dukie and Fitchie are part of the group Fat Freddys Drop. It’s Aotearoa Roots.

    In fact, Midnight Marauders is a Fat Freddys track.

    They are FUCKING FANTASTIC. I can’t express how much I love them. LOVE. It’s rad to see them up and about on the audio blogs.

    I reccomend the purchase of their latest album ‘Based on a True Story’. has mp3s availible and the drops latest video for the ‘wandering eye’ track.

    chur for the kiwi music.

  16. Marco :

    Man, people sure love to get their hate on…

    but – midnight marauders was… dissappointing, especially when compared to fat freddy’s bluey.

    Zombi – bugz kick it everytime. off-kilter beats keep me groovin’.

    coldcut – this joint is what, like 10+yrs old! reminds me of spacing out in chill out rooms at raves as a teen.

  17. steph g :

    coldcut: if i were ever able to climb inside the movie hackers and make love to jonny lee miller [or angelina jolie] this would be the soundtrack.

  18. Anonymous :

    Midnight Marauders: Intriguing intro, but the rest of the song sounds like a first-time songwriting attempt to me.


  19. Ratrick :

    Midnight Marauders: Boyz II Men for the tight striped sweater and black-rimmed glasses set.

    Zombie: Fela Kuti sans testicles, chopped up Scott Herren-style.

    Autumn Leaves: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… Do something! Wait, what was that? Oh, nothing…..

    Torres: Roasted pumpkin stuffed with cumin-dusted free range chicken breast, wild rice, and grilled zucchini, drizzled with a garlicky-jalapeno mojo.

  20. G-Dub :

    Barbarito rocks! He makes me happy when I’m sad….BEEP!

  21. Jez :

    Midnight Marauders: mournful yet soothing – simple but captivating.

    Zombie: the less said the better – suffice to say, I am not a fan.

    Coldcut: that rare beast – an electronic rehashing of a jazz standard that actually works.

    Torres: compare it to the others – a great demonstration of the superiority and emotiveness of real instruments over electronic wizardry.

  22. MT :

    JD & DJF – everything is right about this.

    Bugz – lame like country music.

    Coldcut – heavy sadness and lame vocals make this suck.

    BT – makes life feel good.

  23. Anonymous :

    jd & djf: a bit sentimental, but cool, like good blue eyed soul
    Bugz: contrived
    coldcut: disappointing, thought first it would grow on me, but no. they drink to much latte, nowadys
    bt: lovely
    An De

  24. Anonymous :

    Autumn Leaves: The melody softly emerges as soft as late fall breeze. Deep chill.

  25. Anonymous :

    about cold cut, If anybody likes post rock/shoegazer type. Warning it’s slow, very slow. But beautiful. It’s like a serene cold winter day.

    Two Sides Of Myself by Tarantel

  26. Sourdust :

    Zombie? Quick march. Out of here. I bought the original in Lagos and it kicks ass. This version sucks really badly.

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