Aurgasm Interview: Imogen Heap

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  1. matt :

    “hide and seek” …incredible. I am mesmerized. Can this play in my head while I sleep?

  2. Justin :

    Props on your taste, as always. Imogen, specifically “Hide And Seek”, was going to be the next music-related post on my site — now I can share your interview! Interesting how the song came together for her, it does seem like magic.

  3. Anne :

    The best thing about Imogen Heap is that in addition to being a talented artist, she manages to seem like a real person at the same time. One of my favorites of her performances…

    Jon Hopkins – Second Sense (feat. Imogen Heap)

  4. courvidae :

    Hey, great job getting Ms Heap on the blog, I’m blown away! Actually, happy coincedence was that I was actually listening to Speak For Yourself when I checked your blog, and lo and behold…!

  5. DJMonsterMo :

    I’m jealous. =) Nice interview.

  6. Gavin :

    Gosh. “Hide and seek” has been on repeat (on my mp3 player) for the past half hour. Somebody tear me away from it! It’s gorgeous. Thanks Paul.

  7. Paul Irish :

    Gavin, You’re quite welcome. That song had the exact same effect on me.

  8. Robbie :

    Great interview, Paul. Imogen is one of those rare artists whose every song is rich and amazing.

    Glad you got a chance to interview her and I’m even more glad I got a chance to read it. ::smiles::

  9. timo :

    thanks for this fine interview
    i have noted it in a new post on my blog

    (i also referred to your blog in a post on Laura Veirs)

    keep up the fine fingerpointing!

  10. Garrincha :

    Hey Paul !
    Great piece again ! I had a fond memory of a Urban Species where Imogen came to sing the mesmerizing “Blanket” with them …
    I was somehow dispappointed with her other work, but it seems that I did’nt listen to the right tracks.
    Thanks again !

  11. Dr. Harence Wrong :

    == “hide and seek” ==

    what better therapy than to hear something so simplistic and beautiful as this.

  12. Sarmy :

    Hide And Seek has been one of my favorite tracks for some time now. It’s great to read about the creative inspiration behind it.

    well done. :-)

  13. Leon :

    Great music again. I’ve only recently discovered this blog and it gets more visits from me than most other sites.

    Imogen has one of those rare voices – I’m not a huge fan of the female vocals. Incredible stuff, and an original artist no doubt; willing to try something different, not adhering to the norm – and making a great end result.

    Since reading this blog, I’ve bought The Memory Band’s album and as much Mr Scruff as I can get. Ms Heap will be joining my collection (one of those few female vocalists that can make me melt) – you’re work here is appreciated Paul, thank you :)

  14. Anthony :

    Wow Paul, amazing piece!

    It was interesting to read about Imogen Heap’s technical/Internet prowess. She rocks! :)

  15. placidian :

    Really enjoyed that, Thank you!
    Especially the how-to with the Hide And Seek recording.

  16. Anonymous :

    woooowww! pure aurgasm right there!!…thanks for that!

  17. Paul Irish :

    Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Music Video)

  18. sara :

    my a capella group at school had someone arrange hide and seek for us for our big december gig. hopefully we can get a video of it and post it somewhere. we all love it and are basically obsessed with the song.

  19. Paul Irish :

    That sounds phenomenal. Throw it up on Google Video when you get it. (And let me know!)

  20. Morgan :

    The Oddity Of My Life.

    I stumbled across Frou Frou a couple of years ago then ran around giggling to my friends when Garden State came out saying, “See! See! I told you!”

    Then about two weeks ago I randomly start digging around in iTunes for “sounds like Frou Frou” and come across Imogen (fixating on Hide and Seek and Headlock)

    THEN a friend says, “Hey, have you been over to Aurgasm lately? They’ve got that girl from Frou Frou!”

    I’m damaging my eardrums from playing Hide and Seek at high volume on repeat. – I’d LOVE to see/hear the school a capella group give it a go!

  21. Anonymous :

    hide and seek…..come here boy….and everything else…imogen is a true artist i love her~!~ she is totally fantabulous and i adore her music she is my absolute favorite singer and i cant believe her voice…ITS AMAZING!! best person everr!!! i told her to all of my friends ..and believe me i have a lotta friends and they allll love her! i think she has officially taken over my brain!!!

    xoxo~i love imogen heap~~!

  22. anthony :

    can’t stop ‘hide and seek’. i’ve been collecting aurgasm tracks for months, but haven’t listened to many until today. thx for doing what you do.

  23. Anonymous :

    i love saturating my senses with the lush, overwhelming vocals of this track! simply amazing!

  24. cadmiumred :

    A link to the amazing HIDE AND SEEK video-
    Words can not do it justice-too beautiful
    Thank you Imogen

  25. Sarah :

    Just saw Imogen’s first sold-out show (yay Imogen!) in San Diego last night. It was incredible! The quality of her voice is even better live, if you can believe it.

  26. Chauncey :

    I can’t express how lovely Imogen is. I just can’t. I love her music and lyrics. Sooo powerful! I do have two questions I wish she could answer. One is, what is Hide and Seek really about? I have looked it up and found several interpretations, but nothing definite. Also, if Imogen’s profile on Myspace is actually hers, or just a phony like some of the artists on Myspace. ( Luv you Immi!!!!!!!

    <3 Chauncey

  27. Anonymous :

    Hey i just wanted to write and say that i was truly touched by ‘Hide and Seek’! I love finding new music, and i am truly honoured to have found this song. Its one i will never forget…

  28. nick-o :

    thanks paul for this fantastic blog, and especially for the imogen heap interview. i will recommend your site to my friends, and i’ve blogged about you today. sweet stuff.

  29. Anonymous :

    HIde and Seek is absolutely amazing, I can’t even describe how great it is. I listen to it CONSTANTLY, in my car, it plays while I go to sleep, its even my ringtone, It has this certain thing about it thats amazing, great job!

  30. Anonymous :

    Does anyone know the chord progressions in “Hide and Seek?” I’m arranging it for a brass choir. With all the suspensions it’s taking me forever to do it by ear.

  31. Anonymous :

    Chauncey: Immi’s mySpace page ( is, indeed, the official, authentic mySpace page directly connected to the lovely songstress herself. Although it is managed and updated by one of her friends, not Immi herself, she does log on, writes the blog entries herself, and reads the comments occasionally.
    For more info, check out her official forum @
    It’s a fun place with lots of nice people.

  32. sophia e. :

    amazing, i just can’t get enough of “hide and seek”. such a great song! and the video reflects the track perfectly, puristic and beautiful.

  33. Kayla :

    Hey, If anyone has an arrangement of Hide and Seek they would be willing to let me use, or knows of anywhere I could get my hands on one, please let me know. I want to do this song with in my high school a cappella group. We would do the song justice for sure.

  34. Anonymous :

    hi, i saw imogen at the fiddler in Bristol (England), and it was amazing!!
    she puts it all together on her own on stage. i go to a lot of gigs, but this was by far the most impressive concert i have been to in a long time, both technically and acoustically.
    i megaphone is a very worthwhile album also, with songs like “come here boy” being the highlights.
    well donme imo, keep it up.

  35. Anonymous :

    i LOVE hide and seek. it is my favorite song ever. but ive read the lyrics over and over again and i cant figure out what its about. does anyone know?

  36. Anonymous :

    Someone earlier mentioned that their high school a cappella group did Hide and Seek. So did mine! We LOVED it, and one of our own members arranged it herself. Now the Achordants (an all-male a cappella group at UNC-CH) are doing the piece… so be looking for it to come out on cd sometime soon (either one of their own or on the Best of College A Cappella cd).

  37. Alex :

    In response to the guy transcribing this for brass choir…I’ve been picking at this piece for awhile now and have had the same issues. With the harmonizer it creates so many close intervals and suspensions that it makes it difficult to figure out what’s a chord tone and what’s a suspension! I’ve found some guitar tabs that outline some of the basic chords (A, E, F#m, D), but I’m afraid they’re simplified a bit too much. I’d love to see a lead sheet or score if one exists!

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