Ibrahim Ferrer

afro-cuban // cuban son

Right before his worldwide debut with the Buena Vista Social Club, Ibrahim was living in a croweded, tiny apartment in Havana and earned a living shining shoes. From the 50s through the 70s, Ferrer was deep into the Cuban music scene, but eventually was forced to give up on it and find more dependable pay. Ibrahim describes Ry Cooder’s arrival as such: “An angel came and picked me up and said, ‘Chico, come and do this record.'” The result was the Afro-Cuban All Stars record A Toda Cuba Le Gusta. Later, his strong sonero voice graced a number of records, from Sierra Maestra’s Rumbero Soy to Gorillaz’s epynomous debut. The bolero “Pensando en Ti” showcases his natural and evocative phrasing later supported by a cuatro solo by Barbarito and El Guajiro‘s trumpet solo.
Like a grandfather living his boyhood dream, making everyone smile and dance.

Afro Cuban All Stars – Amor Verdadero
Barbarito Torres – Pensando en Ti (Thinking of You).mp3

Rest In Peace, Ibrahim.
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5 Responses to “Ibrahim Ferrer”

  1. VC :

    You Aurgasm guys match my musical tastes more than anyone I know. Keep up the fantastic posts!

    Sorry I don’t know enough of this exact musical style to suggest a perfect follow-up, but for a similarly relaxed latin feel, try Aterciopelados.

  2. Tuwa :

    I’ve been meaning to post about Ferrer too, but haven’t yet done it. Should probably post about Little Milton first. ^_^

  3. Anonymous :

    thanks for putting this stuff out there for all of us, we all appreciate it

  4. Taxi Driver :

    R.I.P. Ibrahim Ferrer. He was the coolest cat!

  5. ilker :

    One by one , they are leaving the band buena vista social club in this world.Maybe they are trying to form it on the other side :|
    Not many left though.I would suggest Omara portuondo for similar taste.