Mint Royale

vocal brighton downtempo // big beat

The starry-eyed look of love. The romantic dance under the lantern-lit tree. The music swells and supports that perfect moment, amalgamating the texture of her dress, her soft fingers curling around your nape, her breath combing down your cheek. Mint Royale, a duo that was once mistook as a pseudonym for Norman Cook, traditionally leans on the more brash party big beat sound, but in “Little Words” they deliver a soulful ballad of calming intent. It fits the perfect soundtrack moment where two strangers fall for each other, dance in the warm summer air, and land in a place of congruent love.
Falling back into bed with her never felt so good.

Mint Royale – Little Words
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6 Responses to “Mint Royale”

  1. dario :

    Excelent post… it reminds a lot of things… peace of mind, mainly…

  2. Michele Yamazaki :

    Lovely. Just beautiful.

  3. Anne :

    Finally. This is the one I’ve been waiting for, saving up all my comment capital. One of my favorite tracks so far paired with one of your best posts. Better than anything I could have come up with, certainly.

    Thanks for the music.

  4. Anonymous :

    what a song

  5. keith :

    excellent! the little synthesized horns at the end just kill me. I heard this on KCRW a couple months ago and it stuck in my head all day! Thanks for posting; now i know the identity of my mystery tune.

    your beautifully written post perfectly encapulsates the song. well done

    This is one of my favorite blogs, i always look forward to it.


  6. Garrincha :

    I had downloaded that quite a long time ago, but I never listened to it for some reason … and it’s trully awesome. One of your best tracks so far …