Max Avery Lichtenstein

acoustic instrumental // film score

A month ago, I was taking a drive with my friend Christin who was in town. She was visiting her boyfriend, however after a three days of together-time, they were arguing non-stop. During our ride, she went on and on about her boyfriend and how much of an petulant asshole he was and all that. And then right in the middle of it all, she paused. I thought something was quite wrong. But Christin waited a beat and said, “I really like this song.” That’s exactly what ‘Tarnation’ will do – it’s relaxing melodies just grab you and elevate your mood. The song has a simple repetitive structure with guitar, piano, and cello forming the body. It’s the title theme from the award-winning documentary Tarnation which is set for release on DVD Tuesday.
Powerful music from a quiet sound.

Max Avery Lichtenstein – Tarnation
movie trailer for Tarnation
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11 Responses to “Max Avery Lichtenstein”

  1. Paul Irish :

    There won’t be an official release of the soundtrack, but Max put up some more songs from the score on his website:

  2. Sid :

    Thank you so much for profiling Max and this song. I’ve been a fan of his for quite a while and I love it when other people discover him for the first. Christin’s reaction was spot on.

  3. Anthony Volodkin :

    Wow, this is absolutely incredible!

    I am really glad you posted this.

    If you happen to stumble into any Yann Tiersen, check him out – he did the soundtrack to Amelie and Goodbye! Lenin. Also has a few of his own CDs out – excellent instrumental stuff, with occasional singing on a few tracks.

    He has a disc out with Shannon Wright now, that’s also quite good.

  4. Philip R :

    if you like this, you would love renĂ© aubry’s “plaisirs d’amour”. guy also worked on lots of soundtracks. quiet is the new loud…

  5. Anonymous :

    Been one of my favorite acoustic tunes for a while. Glad to see this track finally got some attention!

  6. Nick Francis :


  7. Mark :

    Wow! This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting this incredible music.

  8. david :


    love aurgasm, amigo…keep it up.
    i just listened to tarnation by mr. max, and i think it’s beautiful and wonderful and stellar. but i couldn’t help thinking about magnet’s ‘where happiness lives’ while hearing it, and having just pulled up ‘happiness’ in itunes and listened, the songs are so close in structure and melody it’s a little, uh, interesting. i’m guessing maybe they’re comrades-in-arms and shared the aural idea?

  9. Michael R. Riordan :

    This track is awesome…very reminiscent of some song I’ve heard before. Maybe Damien Jurado? Ah well, if I remember I’ll repost.

  10. Anonymous :

    I know this is horribly belated, but I love this track. Thanks for posting it.

  11. Fat Chick :

    Christin’s reaction definately spot on. I’d like to meet this girl. She sounds cute.