Chris Thile

acoustic mandolin // progressive bluegrass

I don’t spend too much time watching CMT – probably 10 minutes total in my life. But the first time I paused on that channel was when I heard Nickel Creek – beautiful rural bluegrass instrumentation matched with resonating vocal harmonies. Chris partnered with the Watkins’ siblings (Sean & Sara) to release their impressive self-titled album. Later, as part of the one time collective, Mutual Admiration Society, he released “Laurie De’ Tullins” – a bucolic tune of soothing string plucking. Halfway through, a deep double-bass enters teasing a counter-bassline to the mandolin work on top, somehow recalling Glover Gill’s excellent Waking Life soundtrack into my memory.
Pensive plucked thoughts giving way to coy aural interplay.

Chris Thile – Laurie De’ Tullins
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6 Responses to “Chris Thile”

  1. matt :

    That bass is as smooth as Betty Crocker frosting. Delicious.

  2. Nick Francis :

    Chris Thile is a genius on that instrument. I saw Nickel Creek perform in concert last year and they were amazing. Go see them when they come to your town.

  3. The Graduate :

    Earlier in the day I was trying to track down some Chris Thile due to a recommendation from a friend and couldn’t track anything down on his site for download. But then here you come and supply the goods. The track is magnificent. Thank you very much.

  4. countrygrrl :

    this is indeed fab you should listen if you get a chance to CMT they stream some fab stuff and if you have a mini disc or suchlike you can tape and then play to your hearts content willie bob and toby.

  5. Anonymous :

    When I listen to this I do think of, like you said, pastures, lakes, and the sun setting behind an outstretching forest. To me, this vision of nature represents solitude. And as I hear the music I recall every regret I have ever had.

  6. supergurg :

    cheers for the tune