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The ‘folktronica’ name has been getting a lot of flack lately, though it may be well deserved. It’s a cheap cliché descriptor for music contructed with the aid of a computer. Yet this doesn’t differentiate from any other genre; we might as well call them hiphoptronica and indierocktronica. Synthesized sounds have a significant influence on nearly all modern music. Folktronica is just a naturalistic (and somewhat minimalistic) approach to songwriting that often uses samples such that you can hear they’re samples and develops a warm atmosphere of sound out of seemingly chilly sounds. Here, Pedro‘s labelmate Gavouna creates an organic textured array of these pastoral sounds into something listenable and lovable.
Bare xylophone, lush violin sweeps, and a vision of idyllic contentment.

Gavouna – Three

UPDATE: Gavouna informs us he’s now on Arable Records (along with Psapp) and his newest LP, Stings and Dum Machines is available on Boomkat and Juno.
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6 Responses to “Gavouna”

  1. sam :

    this is really good stuff – I’d imagine it’s great live – do you know if they do live stuff?

  2. Scotto :

    i prefer the term “etceteronica”.

  3. Paul Irish :

    looks like he does live stuff:

    but his label doesnt provide much info. :(

  4. Anonymous :

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the kind words, I m not on melodic anymore- just released my 1st LP on Arable –
    Theres snippets of it around on boomkat smallfish juno etc.
    & got a nice review on The Wire…

    take care
    athanasios (gavouna)

  5. drpixel :

    Hi…. was visiting this site a while back, and found mention of psapp and the fact one of their songs was on Greys Anatomy–a new ‘favorite’ of mine. Searched hither and yon, near and far for an mp3 of the ‘Cosy in the Rocket’ song (Greys Anatomy theme Song) but to no avail. I believe it was playing on your blog if I remember correctly…Would you know where I could acquire it?

    On an artistic note, Ilike the way your blog looks…..nice graphics too….. I build websites…..

  6. Paul Irish :

    Thank you Dr. Pixel,

    The song you want is over here:
    Psapp – Cozy in the Rocket
    Be sure to pick up Psapp’s full cd, Tiger My Friend. “Rear Moth”, in particular, is a beautiful track.