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No, not another money-spinner for Apple Computers; i:cube is actually a French electronica producer who pops off misty, wondrous chillout without succumbing to the sort of washed out electronic noise that one so often finds on chillout albums. I discovered this album in Boston, of all places, back when the Virgin Megastore on Newbury was still a Tower Records (how’s that for old-school?); my friend Susan and I bought a copy each, seduced by our listening-post experiences of ‘Adore’, the title track. It’s got gently popping bubbles in the bass, and wide shimmers of strings and keys over the top. ‘Tropiq’ is darker, grimier; but I love that salt-shaker beat.
Chillout at its best: music on, mind off.

i:cube – Adore
i:cube – Tropiq
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6 Responses to “i:cube”

  1. le vilain :

    Hi Andrew…
    Indeed Nicolas Chaix (aka i:cube) is one of the most talented French electro producers.
    If you dig his music, you should also check out his work with DJ Gilb-R, founder of Versatile Records, prime Parisian junglist and veteran of the French electronic scene. They work together under the name ‘Chateau Flight’, and have been producing excellent stuff since 1997. I’m putting up a track and some links on my blog. A bientôt…

  2. Anonymous :

    Over the T stop? Ha, I haven’t been there since it was a Tower.

  3. Anonymous :

    Oh, thank you thank you. I’ve been looking for this track since I moved to Detroit 6 years ago and first listened to Liz Copeland’s midnight-5am show.
    And thanks to you i’ve discovered things i’d only heard in my head.
    Keep doin what you’re doin.
    Schöne Grüße.

  4. Andrew :

    Love the Chateau Flight. Merci!

  5. Anonymous :

    Tropiq is just my style. mare sea bow coo.

  6. lmidnightbutterl :

    i heard this song on The Best of …Stephane Pougpougnac (sp?) album by HOtel Costes! You should have a listen…it’s very good.