Emiliana Torrini

intimate acoustic // dream pop

I know how it went. You watched The Two Towers and enjoyed it thoroughly. The credits started rolling and a curious voice crept inside your ear. Initially, you were like, “Hmm! They have Bjork on the soundtrack!” Then, a few seconds later, you realize that the voices didn’t completely match up, although eerily similar. You dive online and find out its yet another Icelandic songstress: Emiliana Torrini. That was then, this is now: off her newest album, Fisherman’s Woman, “Sunny Road” is an unassuming sweet lullabye where her unique voice mixes perfectly with the soft subtleties of instrumentation.
The satisfying sound of an accomplished songwriter.

Emiliana Torrini – Sunny Road
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7 Responses to “Emiliana Torrini”

  1. Comet Star Moon :


    I just found your blog and will be coming back often. Thanks for the Emiliana!

  2. gutta :

    I am coincidentally listening to Emiliana on iTunes in shuffle. I had the pleasure of working on a project in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland in December where Emiliana was performing as one of 39 artists appearing in a TV series called Other Voices. She is very, very cute, has an amazing voice and I’ve subsequently bought her CD. She really is cute…

  3. Taxi Driver :

    Very, very nice song and the album as well.

  4. Anonymous :

    Thanks! Like it!

  5. Sean :

    Thanks from me, too! I like this track & I think she’s better than bjork. I saw a review that panned Emiliana on the Richest Man in Babylon CD by Thievery Corporation, but I didn’t think she was so bad at all.

    She looks exactly like this slut I knew in college, named Emily! :) She was also kinda cute and petite, but what a whore!

    Cheers for the track

  6. ( o Y o ) :

    beautiful song

  7. courvidae :

    I’ve been listening to live recordings of a couple tracks off Fisherman’s Woman, so I’m excited to get my hands on a song from the cd proper. Though not as immediately impressive as some of the work on Love in the Time of Science, I’m liking the very subdued tone she’s taking. Thanks for sharing.