glitch lounge // exotica remixed

When Martin Denny passed away a fortnight ago, I had to admit that my knowledge of him and his work was scant. I had familiarized myself well with Les Baxter, but really didn’t know much about the true founder of exotica music. Denny was the first to bring together his own trademark tropical jazz music with sounds from nature: bullfrogs croaking, songbirds calling, and palm trees swaying; thus creating a new musical innovation that he termed “exotica”. Now, on his EP Percussions, New York-based End now has taken this sound and interjected a healthy dose of electronic sample-magic to take exotica into the decade of the aughts.
A frenetic lounge soundtrack delivering the South Sea by way of the sampler.

End – Cocktail Hour
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5 Responses to “End”

  1. Anonymous :

    i fricking love this song.
    groovy baby.

  2. IanB :

    Yet another great mp3 blog .. good tunes, nice & varied, I’ll be back, Cheers

  3. JRI :

    In the category of too much information, Martin Denny’s sound was some of the music you father used to romance your mother. :-)

  4. Anonymous :

    also check out Don Tiki’s modern exotica CDs “The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki” and “Skinny Dip With Don Tiki” for an evolutionary continuation of Martin Denny’s sounds, and their remix CD “Don Tiki Adulterated” for an electronica take on exotica.

  5. wêdkarstwo morskie :

    Ciekawy blog, dodalem go do ulubionych, bede tu napewno wpadal czesciej