Howlin’ Wolf

1960’s chicago blues // soul jazz

Mr. Chester Arthur Burnett was born in 1910 in West Point, Mississippi. He has a sound that matches his name and matches his frame. He amassed an impressive stature of 6’3″ 300lbs and vocal power to match. This track screamed at me from the very satisfying Chicago Soul record from Soul Jazz records, the label putting out the excellent reggae compilations from Studio One Recordings. Very solid CD, great tracks from such soul and blues icons as Etta James, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy and Fontella Bass.
A scorching coarse-throated blues track that gets your heart pumping quick.

Howlin Wolf – Evil
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3 Responses to “Howlin’ Wolf”

  1. R. Piggy :

    Thank you very much, sir.

    Besides only listening to high-quality music, do you also watch French movies and read art-philosophy books? I’m just ribbin’ ya but this unbroken stream of nothing but classy music is quite maddening. I know I could go somewhere else, but I’ve got severe ADHD and that would require just more focus than I can muster.

  2. adam :

    What an killer tune! Thanks for the Marshall Chess interview link as well.

  3. Dylan Gaughan :


    This track will make your walls sweat. Thank you.