G. Love & Special Sauce

hip-hop blues // blues rock

Over the past decade, these Philly hipsters have made a solid name for themselves. They put together some home-cooked sloppy blues sound with hip-hop flavor and soulful harmonica solos and basslines. They also give a chill good-crowd kind of show, check their tour. I’m sure you’ve already enjoyed their hits “My Baby’s Got Sauce” and “Cold Beverage”, but I’m gonna drop a couple of excellent songs on you a bit more laid-back and cooled-down.
Drop it out into a saucepan, bubble gum, double yum. Big man, get it done.

G. Love & Special Sauce – Love
G. Love & Special Sauce – This Aint Livin’
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8 Responses to “G. Love & Special Sauce”

  1. Allan L. :

    Their first two albums are absolutely great.

  2. Garrincha :

    You’re doin it on purpose : he’s in concert in paris tonight, I have tickets and I can’t go …

  3. Jason :

    Hey Paul, great post – G-Love & Special Sauce are definately a fun live band. I saw them in Providence at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in 1995 with a friend who stealth taped the show – which later on ended up on a CD, go figure. Anyway, I’m inspired so I’ll post live G-Love. Thanks!

  4. Paul Irish :

    Ah, Garrincha, I’m sorry to hear that. Garret wears girls jeans. It’s a great show. :)

    Jason, good call.

    Everyone go check out the live stuff:

  5. R. Piggy :

    I had a girl who for the longest time lied to me that she liked g love, when I found out the truth I remember feeling strangely crushed. My favorite was always ‘cold beverage’. I got a pretty good story that entails me getting hit in the head with an axe-handle and running away to dance to g love’s set. To dance in calf-high mud, god damn that’s hard! Oh, and I take back all the mean things I said, ‘kay.

  6. djmaru :

    wow this is a sick album. brings back memories. too bad i sold it a while ago

  7. Anonymous :

    Sweet- they are playing an environmental music festival on Maui with Jack Johnson. We hardly ever get anyone current way out here in the Pacific so everyone is stoked!

  8. Jeff :

    I like “This Ain’t Livin'” but I’m not exactly in love with “Love.” Cool find though.