Amos Lee

folk-soul // roots blues

When I learned that Norah Jones was on the eminent Blue Note label, I was flabbergasted. And when I learned that her father was Indian music icon Ravi Shankar, the Blue Note connection felt a little less impressive. But Blue Note’s latest sign got there solely by his own “folksy, flannel-and-denim sound with sultry R&B. Taking from his influences Bill Withers, John Prine, Stevie Wonder, and Neil Young, Amos writes music from the heart, and presents it straight up. He’s down to earth, and puts genuine heart and soul put into this music.
Fall into this pared-down acoustic soul and let it take you.

Amos Lee – Arms of a Woman
Amos Lee – Dreaming
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7 Responses to “Amos Lee”

  1. Skoodog :

    Pretty, pretty, pretty good. It’s basically a dude version of Norah. This guy will get you booty…guaranteed.

  2. Anonymous :

    Amos Lee is supporting BOB Dylan on his latest tour

  3. Paul Irish :

    Damn straight. And he’ll be on Letterman next week.
    Here’s Amos’ full tour schedule. Bruce from Philly’s WXPN tells me, “If you’ve never seen him live, you must.”
    So get to it.

  4. Gunnar :

    We learn something new everyday.
    I like some of his earlier works (check cdbaby), but he will be perfect as an opener for Bob ;-)
    Great blog you have here :)

  5. Anonymous :

    i love his music. it makes me want to feel.

  6. Gigi :

    Just heard for the first time on Austin City Limits , Thursday Nov. 17 2005, from Gigi Tulsa Ok. We were blown over how did I miss seeing him before now, had to find out about him. He was featured on limits with John Prine. I had to look up Amos Asap, he is amazing the best heard for a long time will be looking for more from him!!!!

  7. Anonymous :

    I just bought his CD & I am lovin it! He sounds a little like James Taylor, Dave Matthews and Eric Clapton.