Telefon Tel Aviv

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6 Responses to “Telefon Tel Aviv”

  1. EJ :

    Forced into listening to them by my friend Matt Chambless, I at first decided (because I hate when people ‘force’ me to listen to things) that I would not like them on principle. I can’t listen to them enough. I have an eargasm every time. Absolutely freaking love them, thanks for this.

  2. heath :

    this cd is grrrreat. the new one is growing on me by leaps and bounds as well, once I got past the vox.

  3. Dmitry Linkov :

    Superb tracks, planning on buying an album. Thanx a lot.

  4. Angel :

    bloody hell, these are superb

  5. DJ :

    After listening to a cd as amazingly intricate and moving as Telefon Tel Aviv’s and realizing that there is music like that out there, you start to giggle at people with Puddle Of Mud in their cd player. When Linkin Park came out with Hybrid Theory and I heard Mr. Hahn’s “Cure For The Itch,” I immediately wondered if there was a cd out there with nothing but songs like that. That’s exactly what Telefon Tel Aviv is. Get both albums, make back-ups, and guard them all with your life.

  6. arajay :

    too bad their last record went in a much different direction. still, they (were) from new orleans, so they get my support for being local.

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