Joe Bataan

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  1. R. Piggy :

    Your site is always nice to look at even if the music is usually a bit high fallutin’ for me.

  2. Poptart :

    the tofu hut posted this a while back. still an awesome song!

    and i love the site, great music, great taste. :)

  3. terrified :

    That song was bitchin.

  4. Anonymous :

    A number of years ago, I was given a sampler album, full of salsa stuff, and luckily, this was on it. It stood head and shoulders above everything on the rest of the album. I loved it immediately, and still do. Those horns are ON FIRE!!!
    Great post.

  5. Anonymous :

    Any song that tells a story is a keeper. The fact that this song has hand clapping in the beginning just sets the mood for the low brass (namely trombones) to kill on this. Congrats on another great post.

    – Big-D

  6. Anonymous :

    Joe Bataan will be appearing live in Los Angeles County at the following venues:

    May 27-Quiet Canyon Lounge and
    901 N. Via San Clemente

    May 28-Santa Fe Springs Swap
    13963 Alondra Blvd.
    Santa Fe Springs
    2 shows

    For JOE BATAAN communications, bookings and
    appearances, please contact:

    Refuge Management, div of
    Andromeda International Records and Films
    12440 Moorpark Street #144
    Studio City, CA 91604
    Attn: Mark Matlock/Publicist
    Office: 661-256-0833
    Cell: 818-448-0995

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