The Stranglers

psychedelic rock // jazz

How many dazzling songs do you know that feature a harpsichord? “Golden Brown” throws one right at you and carries it in a waltzing 3/4 time signature. Well known from the Snatch soundtrack, it’s a psychedelic carnival loop of a rock song. The Better Daze cover comes off the delicious Ubiquity Rewind album and delivers a jazz rendition of the classic. A loose doublebass partners with a strummin’ guitar and cooks up a tasty pot of golden brown sonic sound.
The first for the uninitiated. The second for the jazz guitar twist.

The Stranglers – Golden Brown
Better Daze – Golden Brown

2 Responses to “The Stranglers”

  1. Anonymous :

    Maybe I am getting old but I remember the original Stranglers album this came from: La Folie… a love theme concept suite celebrating the freaky and disfunctional underside of love… this track being a hashish love song, and if I remember correctly spent some time on the UK charts on its original release.
    God, I love the Stranglers… thank you!

  2. Scott :

    i remember hearing this in snatch, excellent song, almost posted it on mine one time.