bouncy pop // hippie hip-hop

Playful giddyness. Spek is a Canadian-born Hindi guy that throws together some upbeat hip hop pop. Yet, I’ve always pictured him as a white guy from cali that yo-yo’s at a funeral. His music is totally accessible (even girls will like it) yet particularly unique. This track hit my hard drive thanks to the long-forgotten audiogalaxy and still rocks my bedroom.
Put on the sunglasses, sip your lemonade, look at the cute girlies, and drop this ditty.

Spek – Smell The Coffee

2 Responses to “Spek”

  1. Anonymous :

    hippie hoppie poppie hip hop. this is like some Nelly Furtado. whoa. it was nice for me to stumble upon this though, as an Indian from Montreal too like Spec but i’d never heard of him before. this is a single that i could totally listen to repeatedly, even though its not usually my kinda thing.

    but hey if anyone is interested in more good Indian music, i have stuff by Indian electronica producers Talvin Singh and Karsh Kale on my website… not to mention bollywood disco funk from the ’80s right now!

    su | http://www.aumsupreme.com

  2. Prentiss Riddle :

    Very cool track! And not what I listen to, either.

    Totally pointless pedantic aside: a person can’t be “Hindi”. Hindi is a language, Hindu is a religion, Indian is a nationality (and, in a pinch, more or less an ethnicity).