The Standells

rock ‘n roll // 60’s garage rock

I just gotta throw some love on my Boston boys. 1918! See, my parents used to be in a rock ‘n roll band, and as a rambunctious music-loving six year old I always boogied down at their jam sessions. My mom tells me I requested ‘Dirty Water’ at every single practice and I totally can now understand why. It’s got a gritty feel, very Stones-ish, and the guitar line snags ya.
‘Cuz I LOVE that dirty water…. Ooooh Boston, you’re my home!

The Standells – Dirty Water

3 Responses to “The Standells”

  1. Anonymous :

    hey I think those people at MFR posted this song. or something.

  2. Paul Irish :

    Haha. They absolutely did. And they beat me to it, too. But damn it, I have emotional connections to this song and I’m a Massachusettsean, too! So I retain the right to post it, albeit late and redundant.
    Monkeysars actually beat everyone to it. It’s a great, classic song, can you blame us for lovin’ it?

  3. Paul Irish :

    (For anyone that missed the context, I posted this when the Red Sox won the World Series, ending their 86 year losing streak.)