downtempo \\ polish jazz

If you like The Cinematic Orchestra, you’ll definitely like Skalpel. This pair of Polish DJs make a very similar sound: a deep, dark and jazzy solid groove. “Their aim is to resurrect the dusty & smoky spirit of 60s and 70s Polish jazz and then reimagine it for 21st century audiophiles.”[officialsite]
This music sets you back into a jazz bar in a back alley of Rotterdam. Inhale it.

Skalpel – Scuplture
MP3 remix competition of their single ‘Break In’
Videos (real media), full tracks, and an interview

2 Responses to “Skalpel”

  1. Rex Venom :

    Keep up the good work! Awesome tips and leads for great music. Just wanted to say thanks.

  2. Anonymous :

    this shit is mad dope, yo.. i’m gonna try and find the album and PURCHASE it…whooaaaaa