The Cinematic Orchestra

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Luscious full sound. The Cinematic Orchestra creates music that is unmistakably jazz; it assuages the listener into a feeling of utter contentment. British multi-instrumentalist and composter Jason Swinscoe created the group and has led it to repeated successes. After the release of their first album, Motion, they were asked to perform at the Directors’ Guild Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony for Stanley Kubrick. Just last year, they were asked to compose a score for the 1927 ground-breaking silent film, Man With a Movie Camera. Below, “All That You Give” features Fontella Bass of “Rescue Me” fame, but now in a entirely different context.
Take up a seat on your sofa, and chill to this mellow motion with soul.

Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give (with Fontella Bass)
Cinematic Orchestra – Horizon
A video clip of the rescored Man With a Movie Camera

4 Responses to “The Cinematic Orchestra”

  1. Anonymous :

    lj name: devour_me

    I gotta say tsk tsk. Cinematic Orchestra is one of my absolute favourite downtempo groups, but you did bad by choosing “All That You Give” as a track for people to check out. Although it’s not bad, there’s just plenty more songs by them that are much better

    I guess I’m just biased, I’ve heard that damn song so much that I can’t stand it anymore. “Man with the Movie Camera”, “All things to all Men”, or “Reel Life (Evolution II)” would have been better choices in my opinion.

  2. Paul Irish :

    devour_me, Thanks for commenting; I really appreciate your criticism.

    Picking “All That You Give” was a hard choice, as I’ve actually fallen out of love with it now, but I recall when I first heard it, I watched the video on repeat and was totally infatuated with Fontella’s performance. It got in my head real good.

    If I had it my way, I would have posted “Burnout”, my most listened-to track off Everyday. But I had to refrain because its a 10min 14mb song, which is the same reason I didn’t put up any of your picks — they’re just too huge. I wanted something of a moderate length and have it be very accessible to a new listener.

    I completely love all the songs you named, too. I guess it just goes to show that this group creates much so good that picking favorites is almost arbitrary. The moral of the story to listeners is: buy buy Everyday. Every song is a incredible work of music and sound on its own and like me and devour_me, you’ll find it difficult to pick favorites; you just love them all.

    Again, thanks for commenting devour_me. I do enjoy the opportunity to expand on my thoughts a bit — a paragraph just ain’t enough.

  3. Tuwa :

    Great film. I’ve got it on DVD with a soundtrack by the Alloy Orchestra, which I enjoyed much more than the soundtrack I first heard on an old VHS tape (I don’t remember who that one was by).

  4. King Koopa :

    Oooh, I love this album too. Everyone I play it for falls for it. One of my favorite downtempo discs.

    Like the site man, nicely eclectic!