Jill Scott

neo-soul // contemporary r&b

Full-bodied soul. Warm drowning grooves. This woman should be a household name; daps if you’re already on the tip. She is the epitome of the neo-soul generation – a music movement that includes Erykah Badu, Angie Stone, Musiq Soulchild, and Floetry, all quality groove crafters. Jill has just released her newest album, Beautifully Human. It’s a solid record, but it doesn’t come close to the soul-shattering performance on her first, Who Is Jill Scott?
These songs are what love feels like. Warm, delicious, heavy, fulfilling, and leaving you wanting more…

Jill Scott – A Long Walk (A Touch Of Jazz Mix)
Jill Scott – Love Rain (Remix feat. Mos Def)

One Response to “Jill Scott”

  1. Tuwa :

    Just discovered your site via your comment.

    I have heard that Jill Scott remix w/ Mos Def; it’s awesome. As for everything above that entry … no, that’s all new to me. ^_^