Yasmine Hamdan

middle-eastern // electro-dream-pop

Yasmine Hamdan began her career in Beiruit in the late 90’s where she gained a reputation of a modern underground icon. Fast forward to past the naughts, Yasmine now resides in Paris where she teamed up with Nouvelle Vague’s mastermind Marc Collin for her album Ya Nass (2013). Throughout the album, Yasmine’s seductive and distinctly Middle Eastern vocals create an evocative blend of Oriental Soul, Dream Pop and acoustic folk. In “Samar”, Yasmine’s vocals seamlessly weave with swirling retro-synths and electronic vibes, while “Deny” is a mesmerizing dream-pop ballad.

Smoky, spine-tingling vocals.

Yasmine Hamdan – Samar
Yasmine Hamdan – Deny
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4 Responses to “Yasmine Hamdan”

  1. Phil :

    After a week listening to these two – I went out and bought the Ya Nass album. Thanks!

  2. Roger Hooks :

    Informative post. I especially like all songs of “Beirut”.

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :

    yasmen = feeling

  4. Living Music :

    The fact that i don’t understand a word makes it so much better :) it’s practically impossible to get bored of it