The Bombay Royale

Bollywood // Funk

Everything about Melbourne outfit The Bombay Royale screams over the top, too much guilty pleasure. A crazy mash-up of genres you would find in a Tarantino soundtrack propells the Hindi and Bengali vocals. Synth sounds on the border of hypnotism and cheese, mexican trumpets battling tabla rhythms, surf guitars flowing into cinematic string arrangements, all completed with a dash of hammond soul. This genre-defying joyride should never work but is evidently forged with such a love of music that it sounds awesome.

Hitting you in the guts like a vindaloo of funk.
The Bombay Royale – Monkey Fight Snake
The Bombay Royale – Sote Sote Adhi Raat
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5 Responses to “The Bombay Royale”

  1. Jonathan :

    This is the Tarantino-ist music I’ve ever heard. He should sue for infringement!

  2. Houston music :

    reminds me of a western soundtrack. It does kinda have a Tarantino movie feel to it.

  3. k-shan :

    Is very nice. I like to listen while I eat samosa and drink mango lassi

  4. Tristan :

    There’s definitely a lot of Dick Dale style surf in there. But remember, Tarantino doesn’t write music – he just selects it for his films :)

  5. Sjoerd :

    @Tristan, that’s why I refer to a Tarantino soundtrack, not a Tarantino composition (as far as I know none exist?) I think Tarantino should make a bollywood film collaborating with this band on the soundtrack. ;-)