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Critically acclaimed and award-winning Danish pop-soul singer Nabiha Bensouda already won the hearts of music fans all over Scandinavia and most of Europe. Nabiha’s album, More Cracks (2012), the international re-edit of her debut, falls somewhere between Amy Winehouse’s retro-soul, Janelle Monae’s fast-paced funky rhythms and M.I.A.’s powerful beats. You are bound to recognize the chorus of Nabiha’s “Never Played the Bass” from Womack & Womack’s hit ”Teardrops”, while its incredibly catchy up-tempo beats will have you dancing around the room. Another favourite, “Trouble” stands out with its infectious frenetic energy, funky dance beats and Nabiha’s sultry vocals.

Funky, soulful and totally irresistible.
Nabiha – Never Played The Bass
Nabiha – Trouble
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One Response to “Nabiha”

  1. Lizz Potter :

    “Never Played the Bass” is infectious right off the top. Love her voice… an amalgam of some who have come before yet a voice/style that is unique at the same time. Awesome!