Rachel Sermanni

dream-folk // scottish singer-songwriter

Rachel Sermanni’s EP Black Currents (2012) may only offer 4 tracks, but it certainly earns the Scottish songstress a spot among the most promising talents of the year. Rachel’s ethereal, some times husky Sarah Blasko-like vocals ride the delicate guitar, breezy strings and subtle piano arrangements of her debut EP. The lead track “The Fog” showcases Rachel’s rich vocal range from delicate to haunting dark tones. Don’t let this gem slip under your radar.

Heartfelt, refreshing debut.

Rachel Sermanni – The Fog
Rachel Sermanni – Breathe Easy
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6 Responses to “Rachel Sermanni”

  1. myname :

    OMG! One of 7 million “singer-songwriter” more!!!!!!! And allways the same old melancholic shit!!!!!

  2. Hannah :

    Normally I’d agree with ‘myname’ here, but I love the range in her voice, especially when it suddenly dips deep.

  3. Andrew Gilmore :

    Some of my friends here in Scotland have met her before. Just saw on her Facebook page that she will be supporting Andrew Bird yes that’s ANDREW BIRD in Glasgow, I’m so going now!


    hello i like this song:)
    i am listenıng third time and i dont boring
    its very sweet voice

  5. GoldiRock :

    Wow. She’s really good. Left me speechless.

  6. sjc :

    Gorgeous music. Her voice has a touch of jónsi to it. I know there’s a LOT of singer songwriters out there, but she’s special. Instant fave. : >